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    Sony's cross-platform policies are causing some serious issues for Fortnite fans.

    News Matthew Byrd
    Jun 13, 2018

    Fortnite fans are angry at Sony over the way that the company's cross-platform policies have affected the Nintendo Switch version of the popular battle royale title. 

    Such as it stands, if you have created your Fortnite account on PS4, you are not able to use that same account for the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite. Attempting to do so will prompt a log-in error that prevents you from accessing your account on the PlayStation 4. That message reads, in part: “This Fortnite account is associated with a platform which does not allow it to operate on Switch." 

    The problem is that there are quite a few Fortnite players out there who did create a Fortnite account on their PlayStation 4, have leveled up their characters, unlocked new skins and items, and are now unable to simply use their accounts to play on Nintendo Switch. 

    Usually, such a problem would just be the result of an odd technical glitch that would surely be fixed as soon as possible. However, it seems very likely that this issue is the result of Sony's policies regarding cross-platform play. Microsoft has already confirmed that Sony is blocking cross-platform play between Xbox and PS4 gamers, and we know that the Switch version of Fortnite only allows for console cross-play with Xbox One devices. Indeed, Xbox's UK Twitter account is already mocking Sony over the matter. 

    Xbox is having a little fun with the situation, but fans are struggling to find the humor in this situation. Many users are storming various social media outlets to beg Sony to fix this matter so they can properly use their accounts. Some are satisfied just hurling insults in the meantime. Some have tried just unlinking their accounts from PS4, but that doesn't seem to fix the issue and instead creates further problems. 

    What remains to be seen is whether or not a Sony fix is as easy as just flipping a switch. If the problem can only be fixed if Sony allows for cross-platform play, then we're not so sure that they will address the issue. Hopefully, though, some kind of middle-ground can be found. 

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    Mario Tennis Aces looks to bring the series back to championship form. Here's what we know:

    News Matthew Byrd
    Jun 13, 2018

    During Nintendo Direct announcement back in January 2018, the studio revealed Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch. 

    Mario Tennis Aces will be the first Mario Tennis game since the Game Boy Advance Tennis titles to incorporate a story mode. As anyone who played those games - or the brilliant Switch title Golf Story - knows, these sports story modes tend to be incredibly entertaining detours from the competitive play that are loaded with creative minigames. That seems to be what this new story mode is going for, but it also seems that this particular plot might abandon the tennis academy setting of previous Mario Tennis stories in favor of something a little wackier. 

    Thankfully, the story mode is expected to include those wonderful boss battles from previous titles.

    Regardless of the story's setting, we're just happy to see it return. We're also quite thrilled to see Nintendo return to Mario Tennis so quickly after 2015's Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash was met with an overwhelmingly negative reaction. Considering that the primary criticisms of that game revolved around its lack of content and innovations, we'd say that the quick reveal of Mario Tennis Ace's story mode suggests that Nintendo is aware of what went wrong and is willing to fix it.

    Here's what we know about the game:

    Mario Tennis Aces News

    The latest trailer for Mario Tennis Aces gives us our best look yet at the game's extensive adventure mode. It seems that the mode will consist of minigames and boss battles that serve to further a story about Luigi being kidnapped by diabolical forces. You stuff. 

    Mario Tennis Aces Release Date

    Mario Tennis Aces will release on June 22. It will be playable exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

    Mario Tennis Aces Trailer

    The March 2018 Nintendo Direct arrived with an in-depth look at the new gameplay mechanics in Mario Tennis Aces. Check out all the fun below:

    Here's the announcement trailer in case you missed it:


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    Fortnite's first World Cup is next year, but you can qualify for the event starting soon.

    News Matthew Byrd
    Jun 13, 2018

    Epic has confirmed that the game's next competitive season will mark the start of the Fortnite World Cup. 

    The Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers will be open to all of Fortnite's reported 125 million players (that number is probably more accurately described as 125 million accounts). The qualifiers will be determined by a series of events that occur both online and as part of organized competitions. Most of those events will focus on solo and duo competition, but Epic did tease some squad-based events as well. The details of the dates of those events and any additional requirements are set to be released at a later time.

    What we do know is that the World Cup Qualifiers will culminate in the actual Fortnite World Cup, which is set to run sometime in late 2019. It seems that event - and many qualifier events - will be broadcasted. Epic wants players who only enjoy watching Fortnite to be part of all the fun. 

    These World Cup Qualifiers will all be part of the $100 million prize pool Epic is contributing to the first season of global competitive Fortnite play. That's a big number that's made all the more impressive by the fact that there's still some doubt regarding whether or not Fortnite will succeed as an eSport.

    Interestingly, Epic noted that they are not selling teams or franchises and won't allow third parties to do the same. Furthermore, they intend to release formal rules of conduct leading up to the start of the events. 

    Fortniteis certainly popular - it's arguably the most popular game in the world - but the battle royale genre has had some trouble finding a foothold in the world of eSports. Simply put, it's not easy to get 100 professional players in the same room to compete at the same time while casters and cameras easily relay the action.

    The reveal of the World Cup format seems to hint how Fortnite will break that trend, though. First off, that massive $100 million prize pool will surely attract some of the best Fortniteplayers and teams in the world. There are already Fortnite teams emerging across the globe and the best Fortnite players are beginning to distinguish themselves from the pack. Somewhere near the top of that list is popular streamer Ninja, who has already distinguished himself at several Fortnitetournaments. Of course, he might end up taking a bit of a pay cut if he focuses too much on the competitive Fortnite play. 

    Mostly, though, the idea of an open competition held at least partially online is what makes us believe that Fortnite will overcome the awkwardness of arranging physical battle royale tournaments. 

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    Team Sonic Racing is a formidable karting game with a lot of potential. Here are our hands-on impressions!

    FeatureJohn Saavedra
    Jun 13, 2018

    For the last few years, Mario Kart 8 has been the undisputed champion of video game kart racing. It's for good reason: the game is basically perfect, a showcase of everything the series has done right since it first appeared on the SNES. But that doesn't mean there haven't been other landmark karting games to give Mario a run for his money. Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing specifically come to mind, and now Sega's latest Sonic endeavor, Team Sonic Racing, may be joining that list. 

    It's difficult not to make the obvious comparison. On the surface, Team Sonic Racing may very well be a Mario Kart clone with all the bells and whistles offered by Nintendo's racer -- including power-ups, weapons, and even a drifting ability -- but with the Sonic family of characters. Yet, there's something really charming about Sonic and friends zipping through race tracks inspired by Zones from the platformer series, this time in teams of three that protect, boost, and help each other to the finish line. At the very least, I couldn't stop playing even after my E3 demo was over. 

    To be fair, Sega offered a relatively short demo: one race on one course (inspired by the Planet Wisp Zone from Sonic Colors), three laps. It's enough to pick up the flavor of Team Sonic Racing's gameplay, though. It's familiar in all the right places. Drifting, for example, feels really good once you get the hang of it, a smooth way to get a speed boost during a winding turn. Power-ups, which involve a combination of projectiles and speed boosts, are less successful due to the fact that there's just not enough variety. Items, which are also based on Wisps, simply lack the gusto of Mario's dreaded blue shell or the impervious star power. That said, since it was a limited demo, there's a good chance I didn't experience everything courses will have to offer in the final product. 

    As a solo experience (and I suspect that the game's Team Adventure campaign is going to be delightful), the team gameplay really works. You're of course at the center of the team and your teammates are largely there to offer you support, although racers are ranked by both individual and team-based performance. Actually, your team's position in the standings is ultimately the most important factor overall and decides whether you're going to win the cup or not.

    Luckily, your AI teammates won't fail you.  In fact, they'll offer you items when you need them most. The AI will intelligently throw you a speed boost when you're on the last stretch of the race or a weapon when there's another team of racers in front of you. Your teammates are perhaps the most useful when you're drafting behind them, which offers a considerable speed boost and is key to staying ahead of your competition.

    There's also a handy Team Ultimate, which you can use once you've filled up your team's power bar. It mostly amounts to a star power-like boost that can help you get from last to first place in a bind. You'll have to be smart about when to unleash this ability, of course. 

    Team mechanics add an interesting new twist to kart racing, but it's a concept I'm more excited for in theory than in execution. While playing with a team of AI is pretty delightful, I wonder how it will translate to online play, especially when you don't know your other two teammates. Will random players cooperate or end up racing each other to the finish line? I'd suggest finding two friends to race with. 

    The game's limited demo only featured six characters from two teams: Team Sonic consists of the beloved hedgehog, Knuckles, and Tails while Team Shadow is made up of Shadow, Rouge, and E-123 Omega. Developer Sumo Digital has promised 15 playable characters in the final roster. Each race features 12 participants, which make up four teams, so there's a fair bit of variety overall. 

    Characters are also categorized by the kind of racers they are. Sonic and Shadow are Speed-focused characters, while Tails and Rouge are Technique racers and Knuckles and E-123 Omega are Power-focused. Your racing strategy will change based on what character you choose. I played best with Sonic himself and got my only 1st place win with the blue hedgehog. 

    You'll be able to participate in the usual mix of modes and challenges, including Grand Prix, a story mode, time trials, and exhibition races. Of course, online play will be the real trick. If Sega and Sumo can get the online element of team-based karting right, Team Sonic Racing could ultimately offer up a more complex experience than the more straightforward Mario Kart 8.

    What Sonic's new racing game lacks in flash, it more than makes up for in spirit. And it already has the most important quality of all: it's addicting. I can't wait to play it again! Team Sonic Racingwill be out later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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    Everything you need to know about Call of Cthulhu: The Video Game, including latest news, release date, trailers, and much more!

    News Den of Geek Staff
    Jun 13, 2018

    Call of Cthulhuis a new detective game that takes place in the grotesque world of H.P. Lovecraft, the master of cosmic horror. Strange creatures from beyond our plane of existence, gruesome murders, and an evil cult make up the meat of this yarn, which might very well be the best game based on the Lovecraftian mythos.

    This journey into madness comes to us courtesy of developer Cyanide Studio, who you may know from their work on the Blood Bowl series. Though the studio has never developed a pure horror game before, you would never know it based on Call of Cthulhu's trailers, which show private investigator Edward Pierce navigating the terrifying island known as Darkwater in order to investigate a mysterious string of deaths. 

    Here's everything we know about the game:

    Call of Cthulhu Trailer

    Here's the new E3 2018 trailer!

    Call of Cthulhu is bringing H.P. Lovecraft's famous mythos to consoles and Cyanide Studio's released a trailer at E3 2017. Check it out below:

    Here's another preview - titled Depths of Madness - gives us a brief glimpse at protagonist Edward Blake's descent into Lovecraftian madness. 

    Though the dark cosmic entity known as Cthulhu has made quite a few appearances in video games over the years, few titles have attempted to really capture the Lovecraftian horror atmosphere that typically accompanies the tentacled wonder's exploits. In fact, the last game that was able to really successfully convey the horrific elements of this character's world was 2005's Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

    The upcoming Call of Cthulhu game may not share a direct lineage with Dark Corners of the Earth but, if its first trailer is any indication, this project most certainly shares that title's love for a good gothic atmosphere.

    Call of Cthulhu Release Date

    There is currently no set release date for Call of Cthulhu, but it is expected to release in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

    Call of Cthulhu Story

    Here's the official synopsis:

    Plunge into the troubled mind of private investigator Edward Pierce, as his perception of reality becomes more and more skewed the closer he gets to the Great Dreamer’s sphere of influence. Clutch to your withering sanity to discover the conspiracies, the cultists and otherworldly terrors that inhabit the twisted universe imagined by Lovecraft… it is said that madness is the only way that can bring you to the truth.

    Sent to Darkwater Island to uncover the truth behind a mysterious death of a family, your original assignment spirals out of control against a backdrop of suspicious locals, mutilated whales, and disappearing bodies. Pierce’s mind will suffer - balancing a razor-thin line between sanity and madness, your senses will be disrupted until you question the reality of everything around you. Trust no one. Creeping shadows hide lurking figures… and all the while, the Great Dreamer prepares for his awakening.

    Call of Cthulhu Screenshots

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    Cyberpunk 2077 is going first-person, but is it still an RPG?

    News Matthew Byrd
    Jun 13, 2018

    Developer CD Projekt Red surprised quite a few people recently by revealing that Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person RPG and not a third-person RPG like we saw in CD Projekt Red's Witcher series. 

    While there are segments of Cyberpunk that play out in third-person - most notably the driving sequences - it seems that the vast majority of the game plays out from a first-person perspective. That includes the game's combat which plays much closer to a first-person shooter than fans were expecting. There are even numbers that appear above enemies to indicate damage that is being done similar to what we see in titles like Destiny and even Fortnite

    This change in player perspective has changed the perspective of several potential players who worry that CD Projekt Red is abandoning the hardcore RPG stylings of TheWitcher series for a more digestible shooter action game. Already, we see fans threatening to not purchase the game due to this recently confirmed feature. 

    However, all reports from the game's closed doors demo indicate that Cyberpunk is very much an RPG. While the game will clearly differ wildly from The Witcher(some say it feels a little closer to a deeper Deus Ex game) it still utilizes elements like complicated storytelling, character traits, and other RPG staples. 

    In fact, there are quite a few new RPG elements to consider in this game. For instance, there's a meter that keeps track of the street cred you gain from wearing certain clothing, and there's even a "cool" stat that seems to tie into your player's charisma. Also, you don't really pick a character class from the outset, but rather build your own backstory for your character and then develop them as you play the game in whatever manner you deem fit. Everyone who saw the demo emphasizes how much your choices matter and how often they come into play. 

    All-in-all those who witnessed the Cyberpunk demo note that you should stop expecting this to be a cyberpunk version of The Witcher. Instead, it looks like CD Projekt Red are going for something a little different with this game. Still, it sounds very much like the kind of grand RPG experience you'd expect from this studio. 

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    Yoshi's streak of incredible solo game's looks to continue on the Nintendo Switch. Here's what we know:

    News Matthew Byrd
    Jun 14, 2018

    Th new Yoshi game is simply being referred to as Yoshi. The game is based on a fairly fascinating gimmick involving the depth of stages. Basically, Yoshi is able to move in-between and interact with background and foreground elements that would usually be considered static in many such platforming titles. There are numerous instances of this mechanic being utilized during the trailer, but some of the most fascinating examples of this dynamic mechanic involved Yoshi attacking enemies in the foreground and flipping a stage at will to reveal brand new paths that simply looked like background objects before. 

    It certainly doesn't hurt that the game's vibrant art style contributes to the storybook nature of the level design and the use of this flip mechanic. The Switch may not be a technical powerhouse, but games like this showcase why a bright color palette and creative design will sometimes best pure processing power.

    Indeed, Yoshi may very well be the game for Switch fans who still harbor a deep love for classic platformers. While Super Mario Odyssey promotes a more open-world take on the platformer genre, Yoshi looks like the kind of classic platforming experience that we might have dreamed of as kids if we could dream quite as big as game's clearly imaginative development team. 

    Here's everything we know about Yoshi for the Nintendo Switch: 

    Yoshi Switch Release Date

    Yoshi has been delayed and will now be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. Nintendo has not given a specific reason for the delay. 

    Yoshi Switch Trailer

    While not the most high-profile reveal of Nintendo's E3 2017 showcase, this trailer for an upcoming Nintendo Switch Yoshi game was certainly one of the most interesting previews of the show.

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    The Last of Us Part 2 will seemingly focus entirely on Ellie's story.

    News Matthew Byrd
    Jun 14, 2018

    Naughty Dog has confirmed that Ellie is the only playable character in The Last of Us Part II.

    IGN notes that during a closed-door presentation of The Last of Us Part II, co-lead game designer, Richard Cambier, stated that he cannot confirm if there are multiple playable characters in the game. However, creative director Neil Druckmann soon contradicted that statement by saying that “Ellie is the only playable character in the game.”

    Even though that seems like a pretty clear statement, not everyone is convinced that Druckmann is being entirely truthful. Some fans remember that a similar statement was made regarding Joel in the first game. However, it turned out that you could play as Joel's daughter during the first part of the game. Of course, there was also an excellent Last of Us DLC release, Left Behind, that let us play as Ellie in a prequel story. 

    Still, we highly doubt that Druckmann would make this statement if it wasn't at least true that you spend the vast majority of this game as Ellie. Naughty Dog has previously said that they consider Part II to be Ellie's story, so the game will undoubtedly focus on her quite heavily. 

    So where is Joel? That's a great question that nobody from Naughty Dog has answered with absolute certainty up until this point. However, a character in The Last of Us Part II's most recent gameplay trailer made reference to Ellie's "old man," which we logically assume is Joel. It seems that Joel may have become the leader of the Fireflies following the events of the last game. 

    Oddly, The Last of Us Part IIstill does not have a verified release date. However, it is expected to arrive on the PS4 sometime in 2019. 

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    Popular Netflix series Stranger Things is getting the Telltale video game treatment.

    NewsMatthew Byrd
    Jun 14, 2018

    Developer Telltale Games (creators of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us) are working on a video game adaptation of Netflix's Stranger Things

    That story was initially reported by TechRadar who claimed to have heard from a source close to the deal that an adaptation was in the works. Since then, both Netflix and Telltale have confirmed that they are working on an adaptation of the popular streaming series. 

    "We're thrilled to confirm that Telltale is developing a game based on Stranger Things that we'll publish to consoles and computers at a later date," reads a statement from Telltale regarding the matter. "Our partnership with Netflix is something we're incredibly proud of, and while we don't have anything more to share right now, we're excited to reveal details on these projects later in the year."

    The deal is being compared to the one that Telltale reached with HBO in order to adapt the Game of Thrones series. That is to say that Telltale's Stranger Things game will likely feature characters and stories from the TV show, but will probably tell an original story set within the Stranger Things universe. Of course, it's going to be interesting to see how Telltale pull that off considering that the Stranger Things series is a bit more focused on a select group of characters. It's possible that the game will cover the adventures of some of the other escaped "experiments" such as the ones we saw in season two of Stranger Things

    For those unfamiliar, Telltale's games are comparable to graphical adventures or, more accurately, elaborate choose your own adventure games. They often require players to make important decisions that will affect the shape of the story from that point on. 

    There's no word on when Telltale's Stranger Things game will be released. 

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    Rocksteady's much-anticipated mystery project isn't ready to be shown quite yet.

    News Matthew Byrd
    Jun 14, 2018

    Leading up to E3 2018, members of the Rocksteady Studios development team (the same team responsible for the creation of the Batman: Arkham series) were teasing the impending reveal of their next major project. However, E3 has just about come and gone with no word on what the team is currently working on.

    Today, Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill tweeted an update regarding that very topic. 

    "We know that some of you were disappointed that we were not at E3 this year. The whole team has been reading your comments, and all of us here at Rocksteady really appreciate your passion for our next project," said Hill. "Knowing how much it means to you keeps us inspired and energised to deliver a game that you will be proud of. We'll share it with you as soon as it's ready."

    While that update is sadly short on any details regarding the studio's next game, it at least offers some explanation regarding why Rocksteady wasn't present at E3 2018. Of course, we're not sure why members of the Rocksteady team were teasing an E3 2018 reveal if the studio wasn't ready to show anything. Was the decision to skip the show made at the last minute?

    So far as what Rocksteady is working on goes, there's no shortage of theories regarding that topic. Some believe that Rocksteady's reported work on an open-world Superman game is the worst kept secret in the business. Rocksteady has long expressed their interest in making a Superman adaptation that does justice to the character much like their Arkham games did justice to Batman. They even sent a Superman cake to the Injustice 2 team to celebrate the release of the fighting game.

    At this point, we'd be shocked if Rocksteady was working on anything other than a Superman game, but there are other rumors that suggest they are actually developing a Justice League game. That rumor hasn't been completely ruled out.

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    What we know about Strange Brigade, including latest news, release date, trailers, and much more!

    News Den of Geek Staff
    Jun 14, 2018

    Sniper Elite development team Rebellion has revealed the latest supernatural addition to the series. Strange Brigade will take players to the "remote corners of the British Empire" where they will the need to combat various supernatural forces with the help of firearms, explosives, and good ole' melee attacks. 

    Much like the Nazi Zombie Army series, Strange Brigade is a 1-4 player shooter experience that emphasizes co-op gameplay. Basically, you should be thinking of Left 4 Deadwhen imagining the kind of chaotic gameplay this title will surely offer. 

    Strange Brigade distinguishes itself from the co-op shooter pack with its serial adventure inspired universe that seems to take more cues from the Universal monster movies than George Romero. The brief reveal trailer for the game reveals what appears to be ancient Egyptian mythological monsters, cave-dwelling creatures, and other guardians of legend who look a tad bit more formidable than the average member of the walking dead.

    Here's everything else you need to know:

    Strange Brigade News

    This developer playthrough of Strange Brigade from E3 2018 reveals a new level from the promising co-op shooter. 

    Strange Brigade Release Date

    Strange Brigade will launch on August 28, 2018. The game is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

    Strange Brigade Trailer

    It's been a little while since we've seen footage of Strange Brigade, but the game's latest trailer shows that the co-op shooter is progressing nicely and is still loaded with '30s serial adventure style. 

    Check out the new story trailer below:

    Here is the first trailer for Strange Brigade:

    And here are 14 minutes of gameplay:

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    FIFA 19 is on the way! Here's everything we know about the latest entry in the soccer series...

    News Den of Geek Staff
    Jun 14, 2018

    FIFA 19 is the latest edition of EA Sports' popular soccer series. This year's entry adds a few new features to the package.

    For one thing, EA has picked up the rights to the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. (Konami recently lost the Champions League license for its Pro Evolution Soccer series.) FIFA players will now be able to compete in Europe's premier club competitions. You'll be able to play in the Champions League through the competition's very own mode, career mode, or The Journey story mode. 

    Speaking of The Journey mode, this year's chapter is called Champions. It's the final part of protagonist Alex Hunter's story, as he chases after the coveted Champions League trophy and glory at the European stage. 

    Here's everything else we know about the game: 

    FIFA 19 Release Date

    FIFA 19 will arrive on Sept. 28, 2018. The game is coming to XBO, PS4, Switch, and PC. 

    FIFA 19 Trailer

    Check out the debut trailer for the next edition of the FIFAseries:

    FIFA 19 Cover 

    This year's cover star is no other than Portuguese powerhouse Cristiano Ronaldo in his signature Real Madrid kit. Check out the cover below:

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    Gears of War is getting a mobile game, but it's nothing like what you'd expect...

    NewsJohn Saavedra
    Jun 14, 2018

    A new Gears of Warmobile game is coming from Microsoft in collaboration with Pop Toys. It's a surprising mix of Gears' violent brand of action and Pop's chibi-like toys. It's definitely not something we expected to ever see from the franchise, but the E3 2018 announcement does a good job of showing that the concept is kinda cute. 

    Here's the adorable announcement trailer:

    Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz will both be featured in the game as well as the Pop versions of a few Locust soldiers. That's about all we know about Gears Popat the moment. The game will be available in 2019 and is coming for iOS and Android.

    Meanwhile, Microsoft also announced two other Gears games. Gears Tactics is a strategy game that brings turn-based XCOM RTS gameplay to the Gears world. It takes place 12 years before the first game and appears to be a PC exclusive at the moment. We'll have to wait and see if this will in fact be an cross-platform title with the Xbox One. 

    The biggest announcement of all is Gears of War 5, which continues the story of Kait Diaz and Marcus Fenix as they face off against the Swarm. This sequel will be out in 2019, as well. 

    Stay tuned for more Gears and much more E3 news at Den of Geek!

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    E3 2018 was filled with exciting games, but we couldn't help but notice a few titles were missing...

    Feature Matthew Byrd
    Jun 15, 2018

    If E3 2018 confirmed anything, it's that there are too many great games coming out in the next year or so. Normally, that would be a good thing, but come on...there's only so much time (and money) in the day. Somehow, we're going to have to get around to playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghosts of Tsushima, Gears of War 5, and so many more titles

    Yet, it felt like there was something missing from this year's E3. Actually, it felt like there were many things missing. Maybe that's because there are several major games that we either know about (or strongly suspect exist) that weren't a part of the biggest show of the year. While there's nothing that unusual about a game taking a year off from E3, there is something strange about the number of high-profile games that were missing from this year's show. From previously revealed remakes to promising projects that will revive major series, some of the games that we are most looking forward to didn't make their expected appearance at gaming's most celebrated yearly event. 

    Here are some of the biggest games that were missing from E3 2018:

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    This one just confounds us. For years now, Square Enix has been playing a dangerous game of expectations with the Final Fantasy VII remake. At first, it was just a tech demo designed to showcase the power of the PlayStation 3. Many people at Square said they would love to remake the game, but nothing came of all the talk until 2015 when Square Enix said it was actually remaking the game. Since then, though, we've heard few updates about the title. Its absence at E3 2018 doesn't bode well for this remake. 

    Read More About the Final Fantasy VII Remake Here

    Square Enix's Marvel Avengers

    Square Enix's disappointing E3 2018 showcase could have been saved by the reveal of its long-awaited Avengers game. Instead, the company didn't even bother to reference the title or throw together a teaser trailer. Considering that Avengers: Infinity War just crossed the $2 billion gross mark, we're stunned that Square Enix didn't choose this year to reveal this much-anticipated title. To be perfectly honest, that can't mean anything good for this project. It's possible that the studio is just waiting until the release of the next Avengers film, but we have our doubts. 

    Read More About Square Enix's Marvel Avengers Here

    Yoshi Switch

    Here's another bizarre omission. Yoshi was revealed at E3 2017 and appeared to be well on its way to a 2018 release. Naturally, many suspected that Nintendo would showcase the game in some capacity at E3 2018. Instead, we heard nothing about Yoshi. Not even a release date. That would suggest that the game is no longer coming out in 2018, even though it's still possible that Nintendo will find a way to sneak the title into this year's release schedule. We're not sure what the hold up here is, but we hope it's nothing long term. 

    Read More About Yoshi Switch Here

    Retro Studios' New Game

    We can tell you for sure that Retro Studios (Metroid Prime, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze) is working on something. The studio has essentially confirmed as much. However, we're not quite sure what that something is. Rumors that were circulating prior to E3 suggested that the studio was working on a new racing game based on the Star Fox series, but those rumors haven't been confirmed. Whatever Retro is working on, it's safe to assume that it won't come out until at least next year (or 2020) given its absence at E3 2018. 

    Read More About Retro Studios New Game Here

    Metroid Prime 4

    Given just how much of Nintendo's E3 Direct was devoted to Super Smash Bros., we can't help but wonder where some of the Big N's other major titles were. The biggest question mark as it relates to upcoming Nintendo games is certainly Metroid Prime 4. While we weren't expecting Metroid Prime 4to be released this year, many were expecting to see something from this game given that it is one of the Switch's most-anticipated exclusives. Ultimately, we didn't even get another teaser trailer. Hopefully, this game makes next year's show. 

    Read More About Metroid Prime 4 Here

    Pikmin 4

    The Nintendo block of our list continues with the case of the mysterious Pikmin 4. We know that Pikmin 4 is in development. We know because Shigeru Miyamoto himself told the world about the game -- even though he suggested that the PR team didn't want him to say a word about the game. Maybe the reason they didn't want him talking about it is that Pikmin 4 isn't close to completion. That would certainly explain why it wasn't at E3 2018 and Nintendo ended up having to rely so heavily on Super Smash Bros. 

    Read More About Pikmin 4 Here

    The "Core" Pokemon Game for Switch

    Considering that the recently revealed Pokemon Let's Go titles didn't exactly go over well with long-time Pokemon fans, we were a little surprised that Nintendo didn't choose to show its core Switch Pokemon game. However, it appears that the company isn't quite ready to share more information about that game at this time. With any luck, we'll hear much more about this at next year's show. 

    Read More About The Core Pokemon Game For Switch 

    Shenmue III

    Shenmue III made its debut at that epic 2015 E3 conference that also gave us the reveal of Final Fantasy VII's remake. The game's road to release since then has been anything but smooth, though. After a Kickstarter campaign that drew some controversy, there came some early footage from the sequel that wasn't exactly inspiring. Following that, the game's developers revealed that the title had been delayed yet again to 2019. While we don't want to be cynical about its prospects, a good showing of this game at E3 2018 would have eased existing concerns. 

    Read More About Shenmue III Here

    Days Gone (Kind Of) 

    The "kind of" disclaimer used here is meant to clarify that Sony did show off a new trailer - and a release date - for Days Gone leading up to the start of E3 2018. However, some wondered why the game wasn't featured during Sony's conference. After all, Sony said that it was going to focus on its upcoming major projects. The popular theory is that Days Gone's delay, combined with the number of showings its had at E3s thus far, could have led to a meme-type situation if Sony showed it on the big stage yet again. 

    Read More About Days Gone Here


    Granted, Valve usually doesn't showcase its games at E3, but given that Artifact is one of its first...err... game-type games in quite some time, we were hoping that the company would show a bit of it off during the PC gaming conference. While this CCG game might not be up everyone's alley -- or even the Valve game that everyone wants to see -- it's still a promising project that would have been welcome at the biggest gaming show of the year. 

    Read More About Artifact Here

    Age of Empires 4

    Age of Empires 4 made a shocking appearance at last year's E3, so it wasn't completely out of the question that it might appear at this year's show as well. Instead, we didn't hear a peep about this sequel. While there's no reason to believe that its E3 absence means anything so far as the progress of the project goes -- Microsoft never confirmed what its release date would be -- an appearance from this RTS title would have been nice. 

    Read More About Age of Empires 4 Here


    It's hard not to be excited about Witchfire. A moody first-person shooter with Painkiller-like rapid gameplay from the people who made the stellar The Vanishing of Ethan Carter? Where do we sign-up? We're still waiting to hear the answer to that question as the Witchfire team hasn't really said much about the game since the release of its teaser trailer. Given that this title debuted in December of last year, E3 2018 would have been the perfect time for a follow-up. Instead, we're left to wonder what is going on with this game. 

    Read More About Witchfire Here

    Rocksteady's Next (Superman?) Game 

    Rocksteady - the studio behind the revolutionary Batman Arkham series - is working on something. Nobody seems to know quite what that something is, but most people believe that it's the Superman game the studio has always wanted to make. Even though the developer was teasing the reveal of something leading up to E3 2018, the major conferences of the event have come and gone without any word regarding what the studio is working on. There's some room for hope that we'll hear about this game soon, but its absence was certainly felt. 

    Read More About Rocksteady's Next Game Here

    Splinter Cell 

    In retrospect, most of the games revealed by the infamous Walmart Canada leaks turned out to be true. Bethesda even joked about that leak during its conference. However, there is one major game from that list that wasn't at E3 2018 even though rumors suggested it would be at the show. While Ubisoft hasn't technically confirmed that it's working on a new Splinter Cellgame, statements from executives at Ubisoft certainly suggest that they've got a Splinter Cell sequel on their minds. Was this one game from those leaks that just wasn't true, or is Ubisoft just not ready to show it? 

    Read More About Splinter Cell Here

    A New BioShock Game From 2K

    Granted, this one is still floating around the rumor mill, but given the reliability of the sources who reported it, we were half-expecting to see BioShock at E3 2018. For those who don't know, comments from members of the studio that made Mafia III suggested that some of their friends at 2K were working on a top-secret project believed to be related to the BioShock series. 2K has not confirmed -- or strongly denied -- those rumors. If this game does exist, it will likely be shown at next year's E3 or possibly the year after. 

    Read More About 2K's BioShock Here

    Borderlands 3

    Here's another game that was included on that list of leaked games from Walmart Canada. Even though Gearbox denied its intentions to show off Borderlands 3 at E3 2018, the leak was not confirmed beyond the point of a reasonable doubt. Considering that Gearbox bothered to show off a tech demo of Borderlands 3 running off the Unreal 4 engine, some suspected the sequel would get a full reveal at this year's big show. We suppose that there's always next year. 

    Read More About Borderlands 3

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    E3 is usually a celebration of gaming's future, but E3 2018 was about the future nobody is talking about.

    Feature Matthew Byrd
    Jun 15, 2018

    Start saving your money because E3 2018 told the world that the next console generation will start in 2020. No, nobody took the stage and declared 2020 to be the start of the next gaming generation. Doing so would have caused panic. Or, at least, panic relevant to the video game corners of the internet.

    Microsoft and Sony still want to sell as many PlayStation 4s, Xbox Ones, and all the games that go with them as they possibly can before telling people that it’s time to upgrade. Any deviation from that plan by a company employee would result in a visit to the corporate gaming gulag (which we are told is eerily similar to an actual gulag).

    Nobody had to come out and say that the next generation of gaming will begin in earnest in two years, though. Microsoft and Sony spent so much time at E3 2018 dancing around the elephant in the room that one might think they were participating in some kind of ritual designed to appease it.

    To Microsoft's credit -- which is a phrase we haven’t been able to use often enough lately --the did announce that it's working on a next-generation Xbox. Granted, nobody really expected Microsoft to come out and say that Mr. Gates has decreed that that three shalt be the number of Xbox generations thou shalt count (although we did float the merits of that approach), but it was nice that someone at least acknowledged the impending arrival of the next generation of gaming consoles.

    Otherwise, the next generation would have been the specter that silently lingered over this year’s show and blocked some of the light from shining on what is typically the biggest video game event of the year. That’s not to say E3 2018 was bad or even a disappointment. However, the overall show sometimes felt like the second to last day of school. At this point, everyone’s attendance is beginning to feel a bit inconsequential.

    Nowhere was the impending arrival of the next generation more obvious than at the Sony conference. While Sony’s conference was kind of awkward in general -- needlessly shuffling a hundred game journalists from room to room felt like the kind of power play you read about in a discount “How to get ahead in business” book -- Sony’s decision to almost entirely focus on games that we already know exist or games that will be coming out no later than 2019 was an odd move for a company that once revealed Shenmue 3 and the Final Fantasy VII remake in the same, tragic year.

    On the opposite end of that approach was Bethesda, which couldn't help but announce the first two confirmed next-gen titles - Starfieldand The Elder Scrolls VI - in what we assume was a move executed to both generate buzz for the company at the biggest media event of the year and to ensure that Walmart Canada won't screw them out of another big reveal ever again.  

    Nintendo, meanwhile, decided to devote an astonishing amount of its E3 Direct presentation to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While company representatives have said that Nintendo just wanted to focus on titles set to be released soon, it’s not hard to imagine that someone at the house that Mario built thought it best to hold off on showcasing some of the company’s biggest upcoming games so that they can be used to help derail the hype train that will carry the announcements of the next PlayStation and Xbox to next year’s show.

    Of course, it’s more than a feeling that’s got us talking about 2020 as the possible arrival date of the next generation of gaming. Even if you put aside Microsoft’s confirmation that it's working on a next-gen console, you still have Ubisoft’s CEO talking about how the next generation of gaming might be the last, you have Sony admitting that the PlayStation 4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle, as well as insiders from development studios identifying 2020 as the year that at least one major next-gen console will debut. Nevermind the fact that the Nintendo Switch is, for all intents and purposes, a next-gen console that is tearing up the sales charts.

    Still, it was E3 2018 that served as the strongest proof yet that we are living in the final days of this console generation. In a way, the feeling is haunting and a bit disconcerting. The spectacle of games like Ghosts of Tsushima, Cyberpunk 2077, and Gears of War 5 reminds us that it is in a console’s final days that we typically see that system’s most impressive games. Developers have figured out what makes the current breed of console hardware tick and they’re more than capable of maximizing the potential of these devices to create the games that they have dreamed of making for years.

    The end of a console generation is a magical time when the possibilities are endless and gaming’s greatest maestros offer up their swan songs. Ultimately, that’s why we’re so sure that gaming’s next generation will begin in 2020. You just don’t get games this good unless they come in at the very end.

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    Capcom's Resident Evil 2 Remake is a love letter to the survival horror classic. Here are our hands-on impressions!

    Feature John Saavedra
    Jun 17, 2018

    In 1998, Resident Evil 2 had the unenviable position of following up one of the most important survival horror games ever made and delivered an experience every bit as scary and cinematic as the original. It introduced beloved franchise mainstays Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the duplicitous rogue Ada Wong, and a gruesome city play area beyond what fans of the zombie genre could have imagined at the turn of the century. With Resident Evil 2, the series reached its true potential.

    Now again must Leon and Claire explore the depths of a zombified Raccoon City as the T-virus spreads from a secret Umbrella laboratory to a police station under siege. But Resident Evil 2 Remake is much more than a simple remaster of the game. It's more of a reimagining with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a current gen title. I stumbled through the zombie-infested Raccoon City Police Department during my E3 2018 demo and discovered a horror title that might very well be 2019's best. 

    Despite how some fans might feel about Resident Evil 2 Remake remaining faithful to the original, Capcom has made a few big updates that help the game not ultimately feel like such a dinosaur, something the Resident Evil Remastered and Resident Evil Zero Remastered editions can't quite avoid. The studio has done away with the fixed camera, for example. Now the game plays with the over-the-shoulder camera first popularized by another Leon S. Kennedy adventure, Resident Evil 4.

    You might be worried that this change compromises some of the scares in the game. After all, the early Resident Evil games thrived when it forced the player into a long hallway, directing the camera so he/she couldn't see what was waiting ahead ready to claw at the player from a corner or crash through a window. But I have to say it's almost more unnerving to see a zombie banging on a window ahead of you, drooling for your flesh as you head towards it. Where the blind spot encouraged you to approach, the knowledge of the terror ahead makes you want to turn around and run. 

    I don't have to tell you how much better shooting is from the shoulder. It's a necessary improvement made for a more modern audience and cracking the necessary headshot feels great. The zombies don't go down easy, of course. It'll take three shots to the head to kill them, but that doesn't guarantee that they won't rise from the dead once again. In fact, when you re-enter an area where you fought a stalking corpse, there's a good chance it'll get up for one last scare (or a few more). 

    Unsurprisingly, the visuals are much improved. I dare say that Resident Evil 2 Remake might actually feature the scariest zombies I've ever seen, from bloodied police officers to hungry pedestrians pushing their way into the building. The dynamic facial expressions add so much to these night stalkers, as they growl or shout with rage.

    The game is also gory as hell, which isn't exactly awe-inspiring when it comes to Resident Evil but is worth mentioning due to the execution. My brief time inside the police station was a showcase of gruesome violence. Blasting a zombie in the face with a shotgun will leave nothing but a stub for a head -- it looks like a few meaty bits hanging onto what's left of the monster's spinal cord. At one point, a zombie fell from the ceiling and its rotting head split in half, opening up like two flaps to reveal red, oozing muck. Tom Savini and Greg Nicotero fans will be absolutely delighted. 

    By far, the remake's most impressive technical update is the sound design, which becomes the most vital complement to the gameplay at times, as you slowly make your way through the empty corridors, hearing every footstep, scream, bang on a door, and shattering of glass -- which indicates that more zombies have gotten in and are coming for you. There's a speeding of the heart when you hear these sounds and sometimes even Leon will comment on the noises, which really is quite fun. The game also knows how to masterfully manipulate noises to scare the player, even if there's nothing waiting to jump out at you. It becomes a mind game of sound that is reminiscent of other horror classics like Silent Hill 2and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  

    I played Resident Evil 2 Remake for about an hour and there's honestly not much I can criticize about it. If anything stood out, it was perhaps the repetitiveness of some of the scares. I could predict when certain zombies were going to show up behind me or when one was going to come through a window. But I think that has more to do with the length of the demo as well as the tried and true trademarks of the franchise. The technical updates are more than enough to make Resident Evil 2 Remake feel like a fresh experience. 

    Resident Evil 2 Remake is out on Jan. 25, 2019.  

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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider's new 4K trailer showcases impressive visuals.

    News John Saavedra
    Jun 18, 2018

    Archaeologist, explorer, and all-around badass Lara Croft returns for a new adventure in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the upcoming sequel from Eidos Montreal. Despite the fact that Crystal Dynamics isn't behind the wheel of this title, Deus Ex veteran Eidos Montreal looks to be delivering a quality installment in the classic action-adventure series. 

    Nvidia has released an all-new, 4K trailer that showcases the stunning visuals players can expect with the right rig. The demo is running on a PC with Nvidia's powerful GeForce GPU. We follow Lara as she scales ancient Mayan ruins and into a dangerous cave system. Check out the gameplay below:

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider features a more seasoned Lara, who is adventuring in Latin America in search of an ancient Mayan relic. Her search quickly becomes a race against time when Trinity shows up to find the artifact, which they believe will help them take over the world. Lara will have to once again face the dangerous underground world of ancient tombs, booby traps, and supernatural forces. But when Lara sparks the end of the world foretold by the Mayans during her quest, has the explorer finally met her match?

    Luckily, Lara is bringing a few new tools with her, as she treks through the South American jungles. Most impressive is her ability to use camouflage to hunt down her enemies. She can cover herself in mud to blend in with her environment and strike fear into her enemies. In fact, the use of fear is a big part of her technique this time around. 

    “The emotion of fear is a driving force in combat,” level designer Arne Oehme told VG 24/7. “When Lara strikes fear into her enemies, she’s like a predator. They feel like the jungle itself is attacking them. She’s reached the pinnacle of her craft.”

    Lara can hang subdued enemies from trees to scare her other targets -- not unlike the predator system in the Batman: Arkham games. Or she can use "fear arrows" covered in a powerful hallucinogen to literally inject fear into her enemies. With so many new tricks, this is a Lara Croft you absolutely don't want to mess with. 

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider is out on Sept. 14, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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    It may be a relic of the 16-bit era, but the Amiga has a new action puzzle game called Worthy...

    NewsRyan Lambie
    Jun 19, 2018

    Thanks to the indie and homebrew communities, systems that have long since gone out of production are still getting new games released for them. The great-looking Tanglewood is a 21st century addition to the Sega Mega Drive's library, for example, while the Sega Dreamcast has enjoyed a wealth of support over the past few years.

    All of which brings us to the action puzzler, Worthy - a new game for the Commodore Amiga from indie developer, Pixelglass. Looking like a cross between Gauntlet and Boulderdash, with its tiny hero running around a maze killing enemies and collecting diamonds, Worthy's colorful sprites and chunky typography immediately recall a bygone era of 16-bit gaming.

    During its long life in the 80s and 90s, the Amiga built up a huge library of great games, from deep simulation titles to bouncy, vibrant platformers - and Worthy looks of a piece with the latter, and such titles as Zool, Push Over, and Putty

    Although Worthy has been programmed specifically for 1MB, PAL Amigas, it's available in a variety of options, from a digital download to physical releases on CD and floppy disc. We can't say whether it's a belated classic for the system, but it's still pleasing to see the Amiga supported so long after Commodore stopped making it.

    Take a look for yourself below.

    Source: Eurogamer

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    Not only is AJ Styles on the cover for WWE 2K19, but if you win the right to take him on, you could earn a million bucks!

    News Gavin Jasper
    Jun 19, 2018

    Every year, WWE and 2K Sports makes a big deal about who is on the cover of their latest WWE 2K game entry. Starting with WWE ‘12, we’ve seen covers featuring Randy Orton, CM Punk, The Rock, John Cena, Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, and Seth Rollins. A lot of the time, the guy on the cover leads the marketing campaign. Not only did WWE 2K17’s marketing focus on Brock Lesnar’s Suplex City catchphrase, but it ultimately affected the main WWE product and led to a major Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg title feud.

    The newest game cover star is current WWE Champion, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. Here he is on the cover of the upcoming WWE 2K19:

    This time, the man on the cover isn’t just about showing up in commercials. There’s a full-on contest to win a million dollars. See, AJ Styles himself is a pretty avid gamer. He’s up there in the “plays too many video games” wrestler pantheon with Xavier Woods, Samoa Joe, Cody Rhodes, and Kenny Omega. So unlike the other cover boys from the series’ history, AJ can probably whup your ass in WWE 2K19.

    Hence the WWE 2K19Million Dollar Challenge. The new game is going to feature some special new mode. Entrants must complete said mode and send in a promotional video. From there, a handful of chosen participants will take part in a tournament where the winner gets to face AJ Styles. If that winner can best the champ, then they get the money.

    Here's everything else we know about this year's wrestling extravaganza:

    WWE 2K19 Release Date

    The Deluxe Edition of WWE 2K19 will be released on Oct. 5 with the standard version coming out on October 8. It’ll be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Probably not Nintendo Switch after the dump last year’s edition took.

    WWE 2K19 Roster

    In terms of the roster, we don't know who will be joining the game. WWE 2K18 had over 170 superstars. We expect that WWE 2K19 will feature even more wrestlers. 

    Gavin Jasper ain’t breakin’ that redneck. Follow Gavin on Twitter!

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  • 06/19/18--14:40: Unravel 2 Review
  • Unravel 2 is the follow-up to one of the most imaginative indie platformers of the last few years. Does it deliver? Here's our review!

    Release Date: June 9, 2018
    Platform: PS4 (reviewed), XBO, PC
    Developer: ColdWood Interactive
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Genre: Platformer

    One of the most exciting new trends of the past couple of E3s is developers announcing and releasing a game on the very same day. One such title is Coldwood Interactive’s Unravel 2, which was revealed during EA Play and made available to download instantly. And what a pleasant surprise it is: the follow-up to one of the biggest indie hits of 2015 outdoes its predecessor in every way, delivering precise platforming, more sumptuous visuals, and a core premise that tugs on the heartstrings.

    You’ll be doing quite a lot of string-tugging yourself as you navigate the game’s expertly designed levels, mostly because this time around, you can bring a friend along for the adventure. Telling is the developer’s decision to spell out the game’s numeral, as the puzzle-platformer can only be completed by a team of two perpetually entwined Yarnies, whether you’re playing couch co-op (no online mode) or solo (a simple button press allows one player to switch between characters instantly).

    The perplexing, picturesque levels are designed in a way that supports both solo and co-op gameplay, which couldn’t have been an easy thing for Coldwood to do. Playing with a friend, though, offers a more fulfilling experience, not just because it’s more fun to tackle the game together, but also because forging a meaningful bond with another person is the core theme of the poetic, lilting narrative that plays out in the background as you trudge forth.

    The Yarnies’ journey unfolds from essentially a bug’s-eye view, with birds, blades of grass, and common household items dwarfing the pint-sized protags. But in the distance, you can occasionally see little scenes played out by hazy apparitions of two children who seem to be escaping from a fraught foster home. These visions are fleeting, and the story is told intermittently and from a distance, so it’s hard to keep track of exactly what’s going on, especially when you’re so deeply engaged in what’s going on in the foreground.

    But while some players may find the gauzy narrative to be too nebulous and imprecise to pay any attention to, I found the background shadowplay to be the secret ingredient that makes the game feel not just artistic, but inspired. Yes, it’s difficult to absorb the runaways’ story with any measure of clarity, but I think that’s just what Coldwood intended. These scenes are like whispers in the wind, meant to be atmospheric and evocative, eliciting emotions or moods that are often reflected in the foreground action quite beautifully.

    For instance, in one particularly tense moment, you see the children sitting peacefully under a tree, when suddenly they’re startled by something we can’t see. The ghostly figures are parted by a very real, very angry turkey, who proceeds to chase and try to gobble up your Yarnies as you scramble through a succession of obstacles.

    There are several sections throughout the game that involve fast-paced platforming like this, but most of the levels are comprised of head-scratching puzzles that constantly introduce new concepts and force you to combine them in unexpected ways. Most of the game’s mechanics are based on physics, with the two Yarnies pushing, pulling, swinging, and hoisting their way through the levels with the most adorable mix of MacGyver-like ingenuity and rock-climber reflexes.

    Some scenarios seem simple at first: two suspended, spinning wheels must be mounted by one Yarny each at the same time. But figuring out how to actually accomplish this requires a lot of trial and error, with the actual solution involving a keen understanding of every skill you’ve picked up along the way. I often found my Yarnies literally tangled up in themselves as I looped them around various objects and each other, and the fact that the yarn that binds them interacts with the environment and is only so long adds a tremendous amount of depth to the experience. You can let these limitations frustrate you, or you can use them to your advantage (leverage is key!). If you get helplessly stuck, the developers have mercifully added a hint option that can either nudge you in the right direction, or if you’re really lost, reveal a puzzle’s solution step by step.

    Coldwood has created an incredibly challenging game at its core, but the overall experience is one of melancholic, serene, ephemeral beauty. The scenery is of photorealistic ambition, with sharp textures mimicking real-life materials convincingly, and a heavy depth-of-field effect is used to make foreground objects pop and to impart an overall sense of dimension, like you could reach into the screen and pick up your little Yarnies and pet them. The character animations are cute as a button, with the little girls/guys/things sometimes high-fiving each other after a close call, or throwing their little arms up in celebration when you finally unlock the secret to a particularly tough puzzle. Presentation-wise, while it isn’t exactly a graphical marvel, the game has absolutely ravishing art design and enveloping sound that’s mostly low-key but swells and crashes when the onscreen action calls for it.

    While the first game was profound in its message of love and longing, Unravel 2 explores the idea that, to truly connect with and support someone, you must give up a piece of yourself. Both game’s stories are deeply felt, but it’s in the core gameplay that the sequel improves upon its predecessor. The controls are tight, the puzzles are brilliant, and the levels are perfectly paced, developing a sort of rhythm as you oscillate between instinctive run ‘n’ jump action and the calmer, more cerebral sections.

    There are extra stages, too, challenge levels that will push your skills to the limit. Despite the length of the campaign (it’ll take you around five to seven hours to complete), there’s actually a lot of good, high-quality content here, and it’s clear from the artistic flair Coldwood has infused into every inch of this indie adventure that this game was a labor of love.

    ReviewBernard Boo
    Jun 19, 2018

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