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    The upcoming release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will mark the series' Switch debut in the West.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 10, 2018

    Monster Hunter is finally coming to Nintendo Switches in the West as Capcom has announced an August 28 release date for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

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    If you're not familiar with the lineage of Monster Hunter titles, then we apologize in advance for the explanation that we're about to put you through. First off, this is not a version of Monster Hunter: World for Nintendo Switch. Instead, it's a port/localization of Monster Hunter XX which was released for Switch in Japan last year. Monster Hunter XX is actually just the expanded console version of the 3DS title, Monster Hunter X (which is known as Monster Hunter Generations in the West). What that all means is that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is basically a spruced up version of a Monster Hunter 3DS title. 

    That's ok, though, because the game itself has been changed enough from the original version that even those who played in on the 3DS will probably come to see it as an entirely new game. The visuals are much-improved (naturally), there's a new level of challenges that increase the overall difficulty of the game, there's new gear, new monsters, and enough overall new content to more than justify another trip through the game's world. 

    Those who never played through the original 3DS version of this title will be happy to know that Monster Hunter X was an overall exceptional Monster Hunter game that embodies the aspects that make this franchise such a global hit. However, those have only played Monster Hunter World should be cautioned that this is likely going to be a far more "traditional"Monster Hunter game. That means that it may not be quite as welcoming to new players as World was. Capcom might make some alterations to the Western version that will make this Switch port more accessible, but the base game is certainly easier to recommend to franchise fans than newcomers. 

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    Regardless, it's just nice to know that Capcom has Western Switch owners in mind when it comes to past and future Monster Hunter games. It's really no surprise that Capcom is looking to expand the reach of the Monster Hunter franchise, though, considering that Monster Hunter World became their best-selling game ever. It feels like it's only a matter of time until Switch owners in the West get a more modern Monster Hunter game - or even one made specifically for the Switch - to call their own. 

    Until then, we eagerly await the release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Switch.

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    Playing your Nintendo Switch on a table is about to get a lot easier thanks to this official charging stand.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 10, 2018

    Nintendo is releasing a new charging stand for the Switch that will supposedly make tabletop play much easier

    As many Switch owners know, it's quite difficult to prop your Switch up and play it at the same time given that the Switch's sole charging port is located at the bottom of the console. This leads to Switch owners needing to consult the video game Kamasutra to come up with the creative positions required to work around the presence of the charging cable. 

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    This new charging stand is an elegant solution to that issue. It's a curved station that allows you to view your Switch screen at the same elevated angle you get when you use the console's kickstand. The obvious benefit to using this station over the built-in kickstand, though, is that the station allows you to easily charge your Switch as you play. While the station itself doesn't do the charging, it does make it much easier to run a charging cable to the Switch's base power port. 

    This accessory isn't exactly a must-have for anyone that doesn't regularly play their Switch in its "tabletop mode," but it is a rather simple fix to an often frustrating problem. You'll be able to purchase the Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand on July 13th for the retail price of $20.

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    It seems that Nintendo is finally getting around to addressing a few of the Switch's lingering design flaws. We recently talked about the rumored prototype for a new Switch controller designed to address some of the connection issues that affect the console's Joy-Cons. That prototype is expected to go into production sometime later this year (if it hasn't already). Nintendo has also stated that their upcoming premium online service will finally allow Switch owners to back up their game saves via the cloud. 

    Mind you, the Switch is doing quite well even with these flaws. It's already recognized as the fastest selling console in U.S. history, and Nintendo expects to sell almost 40 million units by April 2019.  

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    Some have called this the best Donkey Kong game ever made, but does it live up to the hype? Here is our review!

    For many gamers, the best Wii U titles exist in this strange area that’s close to legend. You’ve heard others speak about them in hushed tones of awe, but having never had the opportunity to play them yourself, you’re forced to fill in some of the gaps regarding what your own experience with the game will be like.

    However, now that Nintendo has begun re-releasing some of the Wii U’s best games on the Nintendo Switch, it’s no longer necessary to fill in those gaps. In the case of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, you’ll mostly be glad that you have the opportunity to experience this game for yourself, even if some aspects of the title prove to be at their best when they’re being described by the game's biggest fans.

    Initially released for the Wii U in 2014, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the second Donkey Kong Country game from Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios (the first being Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the 3DS). Much like Donkey Kong Country Returns, Tropical Freeze leaves you with the impression that Retro felt Rare had stumbled upon the basic formula for how these games should work way back in the Super Nintendo days of the franchise.

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    As such, Tropical Freeze will feel instantly familiar to anyone who remembers those titles. Much like the Donkey Kong games for SNES, Tropical Freeze is a mostly 2D platformer that gives you control  ofthe Kong family - mostly Donkey Kong in this case - as they battle a group of cartoonish invaders who are trying to disturb their peaceful way of life.

    Assuming that you don’t go into a Donkey Kong Country looking for a great story - which is a smart move - let’s get down to the heart of the matter. Tropical Freeze is just as difficult of a platformer as the DKC games for SNES. Indeed, the difficulty of this game has become one of its defining traits.

    Tropical Freeze has earned its reputation as a challenging title. Unlike the SNES DKC games, though, much of Tropical Freeze’s difficulty feels less like a crutch or a by-product of technological shortcomings and more like the result of the game’s brilliant level design.

    What separates Tropical Freeze’s often extraordinary levels from those found in a lesser platformer are their liveliness and brilliant segmentation. The "liveliness" of every level certainly stem's from the game's colorful design, but it has more to do with the little touches that Retro Studios has populated every environment with. From forests on fire to penguins dancing on the remains of wrecked planes, Tropical Freeze is trying its best to distract you from the mission at hand and will sometimes succeed in doing so.

    It’s the segmentation of every area that lends this game it’s brilliant difficulty, though. By segmentation, I mean the way that each area is essentially divided by invisible vertical lines. Each of these individual sections presents their own challenges and, more often than not, the challenges they present are expanded upon in the next section. This leads to you feeling like you’re constantly learning what the game expects from you as you make your way through every level.

    While that subtle method of progression does a good job of keeping things from feeling overwhelming, there are a couple of levels and areas in this game that will break even the most accomplished of players. Unfortunately, there are also some areas that are downright cheap or even unenjoyable. That’s especially true of the underwater areas, which suffer simply from the fact that underwater areas in platformers are generally awful due to the way they limit player movement. The less said of the game’s underwater boss, the better.

    To combat the game’s difficulty, Nintendo has implemented the option to play as Funky Kong in the Switch version of Tropical Freeze. Funky Kong comes equipped with several abilities - like a double jump and some hover moves - that are specifically designed to help you navigate the game’s most challenging areas. Think of him as Tropical Freeze’s easy mode.

    At the risk of criticizing those who prefer such an experience, I’d caution against using Funky Kong in Tropical Freeze. The fact is that much of the fun in this game stems from its difficulty. The highest highs this game offers come from the feeling you get when you finally clear that challenge that has frustrated you for so long. When that element of the game is removed, the overall experience feels far less rewarding.

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    In some ways, that flaw has existed in this franchise since the SNES DKC games. Once you get past the beauty of Tropical Freeze’s levels, and whenever you aren’t being challenged by some platforming puzzle, you start to see the flaws in Tropical Freeze’s core mechanics.

    Unlike other excellent platformers, like Mario and Rayman Legends, Tropical Freeze does relatively little to expand upon the few simple platforming mechanics that are introduced early in the game. Instead, the game's variety stems from sections such as its vehicle levels and brilliant barrel shooting areas that strip away those core mechanics almost entirely. That’s fine, but there comes a point late in the game when you’re just jumping around and avoiding falling platforms where everything starts to feel a bit too familiar. This issue could have been avoided if the other members of the Kong family were used for more than just minor ability boosts and a larger health pool. Such as it is, the extent of Donkey Kong's basic move set is exhausted fairly early on. 

    The game's most familiar sections are ideally amplified by the game’s item collection system, but collecting those classic K-O-N-G letters, puzzle pieces, bananas, and balloons is really only something that will fully appeal to completionists. Collecting coins is a bit more meaningful given that they can be traded in for items, but the only thing the average players will feel the need to go out of their way for are the secret exits that open up some incredibly creative - and incredibly difficult - levels.

    However, even when Tropical Freeze is at its most mechanically monotonous, the game’s colorful levels, fantastic soundtrack, and general atmosphere of fun do manage to compel you to press on. The game also runs beautifully in the Switch's handheld mode, which is always a plus whenever you’re talking about a Switch title reliant on visual design and the lack of input lag.

    With the exception of the Funky Kong option, though, Tropical Freeze for Switch feels remarkably similar to the Wii U version of the game. While there are certainly other elements of this game that could have been refined via this port, I’m mostly glad Nintendo didn’t make any other major alterations to the title.

    While Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is slightly compromised by the game’s shortcomings, we’re ultimately left with a platformer that will likely still be talked about for years to come by those who first enjoyed it in the Wii U era and those who are finally getting the chance to experience it for themselves on the Switch.

    ReviewMatthew Byrd
    May 10, 2018

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    This new version of the Super Mario 64 Online concept still lets up to 24 people play Mario together.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 10, 2018

    After being taken down by Nintendo, Super Mario 64 Online has returned thanks to the efforts of a hacker/programmer who is trying to revive the concept of massive multiplayer Mario games. 

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    Now titled Net64 2.0, this new version of Super Mario 64 Online is very similar to the previous one. That is to say that it still lets groups of up to 24 players hop into the world of Super Mario 64 and explore the possibilities that emerge when that many players hop into a game clearly not designed to support such a crowd. In other words, it's a riot of an experience that often devolves into insanity.

    However, this new build does sport a few features not found in the original. The highlight of those features is the ability to play as both Sonic and Knuckles, but the project's new Capture the Flag mode also looks like a brilliant use of this concept. This new version also lets you search for open servers to join and boasts a few new minor additions - such as additional characters and areas - spread throughout. 

    This take on the Super Mario 64 Online concept wasn't actually designed by the team that built the original version, but rather by a hacker known as Tarnadas. It utilizes much of the same code that powered Super Mario 64 Online but is ultimately classified as a new project. 

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    Unfortunately, this new project has the same problem that the old version of Super Mario 64 Online had. In an e-mail to Kotaku, Tarnadas admitted that he's unsure whether or not Nintendo will come after Net64 and take it down like they took down Super Mario 64 Online. However, he hopes that the fact that the release of this version of the concept is far removed from the release of an official new Mario game means that it will last a bit longer than Onlinedid. 

    That remains to be seen, but as is the case with all Nintendo-related fan projects, we recommend that you check this game out as soon as possible while it's still available. Otherwise, you may soon find that it's gone the way of that exceptional Metroid 2 fan remake. 

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    Devolver Digital's Fork Parker's Crunch Out will see you play as the maniacal head of a game development studio.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 10, 2018

    Devolver Digital and Megacat Studios are working on a new Super Nintendo game all about the horrors of game development crunch. 

    Yes, you read that right. Titled Fork Parker's Crunch Out, this game is actually being made specifically for SNES. It's even being shipped as a SNES cartridge. Why would a publisher - even Developer Digital - release something so niche? Well, the profits for this game will actually go to the "Take This" organization; a nonprofit group that tries to inform members of the game industry about mental health issues that can arise from crunch and other industry standards. 

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    The game itself is billed as a "classic arcade style" title that sees players control a parody of Devolver Digital's CFO (a fictional man named Fork Parker). As Parker, you'll need to ensure that the developers working for you are maximizing the company's profits. To do so, you'll have to use motivational tactics both common (crunch time) and thankfully uncommon (shock treatment).

    While the game is played for laughs, the message is very serious. Kate Edwards, a board member for Take This, states that "crunch is an unsustainable practice that exploits game creators' passion at the expense of their physical and mental wellness." She goes on to praise Devolver Digital and for their "creative approach" to exposing the horrors of crunch culture.

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    If you want to purchase a copy of Fork Parker's Crunch Out, you'll have to move fast. It seems that only 1,000 copies of the game are being made, but it's not entirely clear whether that refers to just the standard edition of the game (which sells for $49.99), the deluxe version (which goes for $149.99 and includes a pretty swanky LED monitor), or both. 

    The game itself looks pretty interesting, which kind of makes it a shame that it's not being released via a traditional format on top of this limited cartridge release. Still, the game's profits are going to a great cause and the idea to port this to SNES cartridges of all things is pretty clever. 

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    Metroid Prime 4 might be the Nintendo Switch's most anticipated title. Here's what we know...

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 10, 2018

    After years of Nintendo dancing around fans' pleas for a new Metroid game, the studio finally decided to drop a humble reveal for one of the most anticipated games of the last ten years right in the middle of their E3 2017 showcase. What a truly Nintendo way to make such an announcement.  

    Since the announcement of this project, Nintendo has confirmed that Retro Studios will not be handling the development of this new Metroid title. Instead, they have stated that the development is being handled by a "talented new development team.”

    According to Eurogamer, that studio is none other than Bandai Namco Studios Singapore, which is collaborating with Nintendo on the new game. However, Metroid producer Kensuke Tanabe will be overseeing the development of this new title.

    Here's everything else we know about the game:

    Metroid Prime 4 Release Date

    There is currently no release date for Metroid Prime 4. The game is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.

    Metroid Prime 4 Trailer

    On the list of games that could possibly show up at E3 2017, Metroid Prime4 ranked somewhere alongside Half-Life 3. Nevertheless, here is the first preview for Metroid Prime 4.

    Unfortunately, the reveal of Metroid Prime 4 doesn't actually tell us anything about the game itself aside from the fact that it is being worked on. However, given that most people had already given up hope that a new Metroid game would ever be released for the Nintendo Switch, we're going to go ahead and name this one of the best announcements of E3 2017. 

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    Everything we know about Witchfire, including latest news, release date, trailer, and much more!

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 10, 2018

    The Astronauts, the team behind the exceptional The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, have revealed that their next project is a dark fantasy shooter called Witchfire

    In Witchfire, players will be able to combat the numerous evils that plague these digital lands with a combination of firearms and magic. It seems like you'll mostly be relying on your guns, but magic will at least be available to you as a power-up option if not a full-fledged combat method. 

    What really makes us excited about this game, though, is the fact that Vanishing of Ethan Carter so happened to be one of the most impressive atmospheric games in recent memory. It was criticized for being a walking simulator, but the reveal of Witchfire made it clear that the team behind that gem have taken what they've learned from their work on that game and converted it to a full-on action experience. 

    Here's everything that we know about Witchfire

    Witchfire Release Date

    There's currently no release date available for Witchfire at this time.

    Witchfire Trailer

    The debut trailer for Witchfire showcases the game's dark atmosphere and enticing action. Will this game live up to the promise of is atmosphere, pedigree, and visuals?Take a look:

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    A console racer with a philosophical message at the end? It’s par for the course in the weird world of '80s videogames...

    Feature Ryan Lambie
    May 11, 2018

    Why bother playing video games? Is it the thrill of beating a friend’s high score? Is it to enjoy the rush of besting your own fastest time? Or maybe you just play to relax, take in the scenery, and see what comes up next.

    The games of arcade designer Yu Suzuki were so popular because they could be enjoyed in several different ways. You can play things like OutRun, AfterBurner, or Space Harriercompetitively if you want - jostling with friends to set the fastest time or highest score - but they’re just as much fun as experiences in and of themselves. You can hurtle through Space Harrier and enjoy the sensation of speed and the array of surreal monsters that go by. OutRun provides hours of care-free racing and toe-tapping music.

    Suzuki’s '80s arcade games are largely remembered for their pseudo-3D graphics and “full body experience” cabinets, which replicated everything from an expensive Ferrari to the cockpit of a fighter jet. If you were a kid at the time, they were completely mesmerizing - that you knew, deep down, that there was no way you could ever replicate the same experience at home made them all the more enticing.

    One of Suzuki’s slightly less well-remembered games was Enduro Racer, a motorcycle racing game that functioned as the off-road version of his more famous arcade hit, Hang On. For reasons best known to themselves, the home version of Enduro Racer, released for the Master System in 1987, changed the game significantly - from an into-the-screen racer to a forced-3D, isometric game more akin to Excitebike for the NES.

    It could be that, in porting Enduro Racer, Sega realized that it would be cannibalizing sales from the similar-looking Hang On, which had already come out for the Master System not long before. Besides, the Master System’s humble 8-bit hardware made it more suited to a slower-paced action game with a Zaxxon-like perspective than the original game’s processor-hungry sprite scaling. 

    Whatever the reason, the resulting game was simple yet enjoyable: it didn’t feel like a Yu Suzuki game, but then again, none of the 8-bit ports of his games quite captured the pounding music and lurching movements of the arcade machines. In their place, you had sweet jumps, hazards to avoid, engine upgrades, and a surprisingly small selection of tracks - five in total, in fact. And then the ending kicks in.

    To this day, we’re not quite sure why Enduro Racer on the Sega Master System ends with what reads like a Japanese poem about the meaning of existence. Most of the time in '80s games, a lengthy play session concluded with a static screen and a word or two - something like “Conglaturation!” or “A winner is you!”

    Instead, Enduro Racer, after congratulating you for completing all the stages, goes off on its philosophical ramble.

    Here’s that text in full:

    “Enduro” is a symbolic journey through life via the media of a race.

    The results are insignificant and what really counts is competing.

    Of particular importance are the lessons to be learned concerning one’s self from the various encounters you experience along the way.

    There is no victor or loser in this test of endurance.

    The only thing that really matters is that you make a commitment to begin the long and trying trek.

    This game is then dedicated to all of the “life riders” who have started out on the solitary trip to find their own individual limits.

    Last, but not least, may we sincerely congratulate you on a perfect run.

    Exactly who wrote Enduro Racer’s Master System ending appears to be lost to history. All we know is that it’s unique to Sega’s 8-bit console. The arcade version doesn’t have it, and as this website reveals, the Commodore 64 version ends with a half-hearted, “Goal in!”

    Still, it’s an ending that certainly sticks in the mind, and to this day, we occasionally think about it and wonder how on earth it ended up there.

    But, you know what, Enduro Racer? You’re right. Making the commitment to the long and trying trek is all that matters. We’re going to become proper life riders and take up running again. We’re going to take the solitary trip and find our own individual limits. Right after we’ve spent a couple more hours sitting on the sofa, playing Sega games and drinking beer.

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    Everything you need to know about Shenmue 3, including latest news, release date, trailers, and more!

    News Den of Geek Staff
    May 11, 2018

    The Shenmue III announcement was one of the big surprises of E3 2015, leading to an initial clamor of support which saw its Kickstarter campaign well over $2m within hours of launch.

    Shenmue III's $6.3m total eclipsed the previous record holder, Blood Stained: Ritual of the Night, which raised $5.5m. It's undoubtedly good news for fans of the earlier Shenmue games, and a sign of how much demand there is for a sequel among the sandbox series' cult following. But it's also some distance from the (perhaps over-ambitious) target Suzuki once set. He recently said he needed to raise $10m to make Shenmue III "a much larger, completely open world" video game.

    You may recall that the first Shenmue, first released in Japan in 1999, cost a reported $70m - a staggering sum for the time, and still a significant budget for a piece of entertainment even in 2015. Shenmue III will, barring some hefty private investment added at a later date, have less than 10 percent of that budget to play with - though its designers at Ys Net will at least be able to save money by using an off-the-peg engine (Unreal Engine 4) and recycled assets from earlier entries in the series.

    At any rate, the success of the Kickstarter campaign means that the once-dormant Shenmue franchise has a new lease on life. We'll just have to wait and see how Suzuki can reintroduce the series to a new generation of consoles and potential fans.

    Here's everything else we know about the game:

    Shenmue III Release Date

    Shenmue III has been delayed to the second half of 2018.

    Said the game's director, Yu Suzuki, about the delay: "By utilizing new technologies, we have been able to discover new possibilities and expressions. In many ways, the game has become bigger and more beautiful than I initially expected. We do, however, need more time to deliver the game to you." 

    The game is coming to PS4 and PC.

    Shenmue III Trailer

    The Shenmue III team has released a teaser trailer for this highly-anticipated project, and it is...oh boy, it's rough. It's probably important to keep in mind that the game is still in the very early stages of development and, as such, this trailer is perhaps best thought of as a glorified piece of concept art for the final project. 

    With that in mind, here's the first full-length teaser for Shenmue III:

    Yu Suzuki's team at Ys Net shared a brief yet atmospheric taste of what it could look like:

    Here's the reveal trailer that was shown at E3 2015:

    Shenmue III Screenshots

    Check out the screenshots released so far:

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    Everything you need to know about Beyond Good and Evil 2, including latest news, release date, trailers, and more!

    News Den of Geek Staff
    May 11, 2018

    Ubisoft has elaborated on its plans for Beyond Good and Evil 2, and they sound...ambitious. Basically, the developers are imagining a large-scale adventure that will allow players to create their own character and explore the game's universe.

    "There is a simulation of the universe, where everything is rotating in the classical way, so if you change the time you see the rotation," said series creator Michel Ancel. "If you know what a sunset is, a sunset is modification of the colour of the sun depending on the angle in the atmosphere. So it's really logical, in fact, that you can see different colours."

    Ancel goes on to state that the entire universe will be alive and your actions will have serious repercussions throughout the entire in-game world. That being said, Ancel also claims that the core quests in the game will resemble those in the original Beyond Good and Evil

    Some are comparing the game's ambition to notable failure No Man's Sky, but Ancel's full statements suggest that he's drawing more from Breath of the Wild. He claims that the theme of the game is travel and discovery. 

    As for the story itself, it seems that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will expand on the universe of the original title by exploring a future where human/animal hybrids were created as a form of slave labor. These hybrids later explored space and established their own colonies.  

    Here's everything else we know about the game:

    Beyond Good and Evil 2 Release Date

    There is no release date available for Beyond Good and Evil 2 at this time. 

    Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailers

    Cue up your favorite "It's happening!" meme because Beyond Good and Evil 2 finally looks like it's officially in development.

    Here the E3 2017 trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2:

    Creator Michael Ancel was in tears as he unveiled the latest build for a game that he has been designing on and off for at least the last few years. Despite being numbered as a sequel, Beyond Good and Evil 2 will actually take place sometime before the original game. Ancel didn't go into details regarding this title's gameplay, but we assume it will retain the original's Zelda-esque traits and investigative aspects. Ancel also hinted that this title might feature a seamless online world, but it's not clear how that will impact the core experience this time around. 

    We're incredibly excited about the universe that the reveal trailer for the game showcased and the potential for this title to live up to the considerable legacy of its predecessor. We'll bring you more about this game as additional information becomes available. 

    Beyond Good and Evil 2 Promo Art

    Since the game's 2008 teaser trailer, it's been all quiet on the Beyond Good and Evil 2 front. In fact, some fans have started to speculate that the title may be stuck in such a deep layer of development hell that it will never see release. 

    Hope for a follow-up to the 2003 cult classic was renewed recently when Beyond Good and Evil creator Michel Ancel posted the following picture on his Instagram account:

    That picture comes with a caption that simply reads "Somewhere in system 4 ...- Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible!" The popular theory at the moment is that this photo is a piece of concept art for Beyond Good and Evil 2. That's interesting considering that both Ubisoft and Ancel have been going back and forth in recent years as it relates to the ongoing development of a Beyond Good and Evil game. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot had previously mentioned that the project Ancel is working on for the publisher is indeed a Beyond Good and Evil game, while Ancel himself has recently refrained from confirming the ongoing development of that specific title.

    It's also worth noting that this picture was tweeted out by Ubisoft's French Twitter account with a message that reads: "Michel Ancel has an Instagram account, and we advise you to follow closely." 

    Some have already noticed that this concept art may very well portray a young version of Pey'j (the popular pig mechanic from the first game) which has triggered a discussion regarding whether or not the next Beyond Good and Evil game will be a sequel or a prequel. A similar level of discussion still surrounds the rumor that emerged earlier this year regarding the possibility of the next Beyond Good and Evil game being a Nintendo exclusive title, but there is still no concrete information to support that theory at this time. 

    Whether it be a sequel, prequel, exclusive, or something else entirely, fans everywhere are probably just happy to see anything Beyond Good and Evil related given the franchise's rocky recent history.

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    This adaptation of cult classic horror action franchise F.E.A.R. will be the first part of new deal between the two parties.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 11, 2018

    Machinima has announced that they have struck a developmental deal with Mortal Kombat screenwriter Greg Russo that will include a live-action adaptation of the first-person-shooter horror series, F.E.A.R.

    F.E.A.R. - which stands for First Encounter Assault Recon - debuted in 2005 and was published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Machinima is also a subsidiary of Warner Bros.). The game followed a protagonist known as the "point man" who is called into action after a man named Paxton Fettel gains control of a battalion of telepathic supersoldiers. Initially presented as a tactical military action game - which was famous for its revolutionary enemy intelligence programming - the nature of F.E.A.R. changes when the protagonist begins hallucinating and seeing visions of a young girl known as Alma. From there, F.E.A.R. soon becomes more of a supernatural horror experience. 

    Check out the Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers, A New Level of Immersion

    It's unclear how closely Russo will follow the plot and premise of the original F.E.A.R., but he is excited to be working on this upcoming adaptation. In a recent press release, Russo stated: "F.E.A.R. holds a special place in my heart. I'm excited to bring my personal passion to this and future projects and can't wait to see where our partnership goes from here."

    Russo references future projects with Machina, but it's not clear at this time what other adaptations Russo and Machinima might have planned beyond the release of F.E.A.R.Previously, Machinima has produced web series based on such games as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Halo 4

    “Greg is an inspired screenwriter who clearly loves gaming,” said machinima general manager Russell Arons. "To be able to bring his talents to Machinima Studios provides us an amazing opportunity to tackle action-packed series that are certain to appeal to our legions of millennial gamers and fans around the world.”

    F.E.A.R. is a somewhat odd choice for an adaptation given that it's been about seven years since we last received a F.E.A.R. game and that the later entries in the franchise received good - but not great - reviews. Still, it's an exciting concept for an adaptation, and we're eager to see what else comes from this arrangement. 

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    Did you miss out on the NES Classic Mini on its initial release? Then there's good news - Nintendo's putting out some more of them...

    NewsRyan Lambie
    May 14, 2018

    When the NES Classic Mini first launched in November 2016, it sparked a clamor of interest from gamers with nostalgia for Nintendo's original 8-bit console. The miniature system, which could plug into a modern TV and came pre-loaded with 30 games, soon sold out - and as anyone who tried to acquire one on eBay soon found out, the after-market prices quickly rocketed.

    If you missed out the first time around, though, Nintendo are providing a second opportunity to snap one up. Earlier today, Nintendo of America announced via Twitter that the NES Classic Mini is set for a re-launch on the 29th June. As ever, Nintendo hasn't disclosed how many additional units it's putting out, and at the time of writing, we don't yet know whether it'll hit European shelves or whether the re-release is confined to the US.

    Nintendo seemed unsure, at least for a while, whether they'd release more NES Classic Minis, despite the clear demand for the system. But with SNES Classic Mini reportedly selling somewhere north of 5m units worldwide, we can see why the Japanese giant's finally decided to take the plunge.

    If the boxy, western version of the NES isn't really your thing, then here's something else to consider: Japan's also getting a second version of the Famicom Mini later this year. This isn't just a straight re-release, either. It's planned to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump, the chunky manga anthology magazine that is a staple of Japanese pop culture.

    As such, the Jump Famicom Mini (as we're dubbing it) will come pre-loaded with 20 games based on popular manga that graced the magazine's pages. You won't necessarily recognise all the titles, but here are some of the familiar ones to most western audiences: Dragon Quest, Dragon Ball Z, Fist Of The North Star, and Saint Seya. To add a bit of extra 50th anniversary bling, the Jump Famicom Mini will also be sprayed gold. 

    Here's a look at the console and the games it has to offer. Admittedly, these are licensed games (so a lot of them aren't what you'd call classics) and some feature copious chunks of Japanese text. But then again, just look at that gold console. Look at the gorgous box, which looks exactly like a copy of Jump. What we're saying is, we really want one.


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    Rage 2 is officially out of the cage following a leak from Walmart.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 14, 2018

    It appears the rumors are true. Rage 2 is in development, and Bethesda has released a new announcement trailer to prove it.

    Check out the Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers, A New Level of Immersion

    The trailer itself is entirely live-action, which unfortunately means that we don't have many gameplay details to share with you at this time. However, it's clear from the live-action trailer that the Rage 2 team is aiming for a combination of Mad Max: Fury Road, Borderlands, Fallout, and a level of insanity that we can't quite put words to. Really, the trailer just speaks for itself. 

    The very good news is that a gameplay trailer for Rage 2 is set to be released soon, so we shouldn't have to wait too long to find out more concrete information about the game. 

    Until then, it's good to know that someone, somewhere is working on a new Rage game considering that the original Rage was a very exciting project that never really lived up to its full potential. Based on the concept of muscle cars in the desert, Rage was a hit among those who praised the game's incredible technology, fun world, and reliable shooter gameplay. However, some felt that Rage came out at a time when there were just too many first-person shooters on the market and that the game just didn't do enough to distinguish itself from some of the other notable titles available at that time. 

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    The other story here is the now much more interesting validity of those Walmart leaks. In case you haven't heard, Walmart Canada's website posted retail listings for several unannounced video games. One of those listings was for Rage 2, which Bethesda and the rest of the Rage team have been having a little fun with ever since the leaked listings went up. It's quite possible they decided to bump up the Rage 2 reveal due to the leaks. 

    In any case, we'll be sure to bring you more on Rage 2 as additional information becomes available. 

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    Mario Tennis Aces wants to bring the sports spin-off franchise back to its prime.

    NewsMatthew Byrd
    May 14, 2018

    During Nintendo Direct announcement back in January 2018, the studio revealed Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch. 

    Mario Tennis Aces will be the first Mario Tennis game since the Game Boy Advance Tennis titles to incorporate a story mode. As anyone who played those games - or the brilliant Switch title Golf Story - knows, these sports story modes tend to be incredibly entertaining detours from the competitive play that are loaded with creative minigames. That seems to be what this new story mode is going for, but it also seems that this particular plot might abandon the tennis academy setting of previous Mario Tennis stories in favor of something a little wackier. 

    Thankfully, the story mode is expected to include those wonderful boss battles from previous titles.

    Regardless of the story's setting, we're just happy to see it return. We're also quite thrilled to see Nintendo return to Mario Tennis so quickly after 2015's Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash was met with an overwhelmingly negative reaction. Considering that the primary criticisms of that game revolved around its lack of content and innovations, we'd say that the quick reveal of Mario Tennis Ace's story mode suggests that Nintendo is aware of what went wrong and is willing to fix it.

    Here's what we know about the game:

    Mario Tennis Aces Release Date

    Mario Tennis Aces will release on June 22. It will be playable exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

    Mario Tennis Aces Trailer

    The March 2018 Nintendo Direct arrived with an in-depth look at the new gameplay mechanics in Mario Tennis Aces. Check out all the fun below:

    Here's the announcement trailer in case you missed it:


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    Insominac's Spider-Man looks to be the iconic hero's definitive gaming experience.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 14, 2018

    Insomniac's take on Spider-Man isn't just one of the PS4's biggest upcoming exclusive, it's one of the biggest titles in Marvel's new approach to game releases. Spider-Man will not be directly associated with the MCU or a particular film, but will instead tell a unique story of the studio's design. 

    Spider-Man will focus on young Peter Parker's battles against a still unconfirmed roster of classic comic book villains. As this game seems to take place relatively early into his superhero career, Parker will need to learn how to balance being the hero that NYC needs with the daily pressures of young adult life. 

    From what we've seen of Spider-Man thus far, we're expecting a high-octane superhero experience that doesn't skimp on the cinematic but also gives us the freedom we need to truly feel like we are Spider-Man. Call it a fantasy, but Insomniac looks to deliver on the seemingly impossible by gifting the world with a Spider-Man game that captures every aspect of this incredible character. 

    Here's everything we know about Spider-Man:

    Spider-Man News

    Insomniac has confirmed that you'll be able to wear various iconic Spider-Man outfits in their upcoming game. While we don't know the full roster of outfits Spider-Man can wear, this new trailer confirms that the Iron Spider armor that Spider-Man wears in Infinity War will be in the game. Furthermore, it seems that each Spider-Man suit will be upgradeable with custom powers. 

    Spider-Man Release Date

    Spider-Man will be out on September 7, 2018. The game is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4.

    Spider-Man Trailer

    Check out the announcement trailer!

    Game Informer had previously debuted an exclusive story about Insomniac's Spider-Man coming out and have released some new gameplay footage from the title to celebrate the occasion. 

    This footage reveals a great deal of Spider-Man's combat system and exploration mechanics. Spider-Man's combat will seemingly utilize a kind of multi-man system featured in titles like the Arkham games, but Spider-Man's gadgets and abilities will allow him to dispatch of the city's baddies with considerably more flair. Navigation is also bolstered by Spider-Man's inherent abilities. We don't get a full feel for how swinging around the city works, but it looks like players will be asked to target where their next navigational web is going. 

    Insomniac and Sony also showcased a trailer for Spider-Man at the Paris Games show. This preview focuses on Peter Parker's role in the story and expands the game's little mythology twists more than previous previews have done. 

    Another arrived for Insomniac's Spider-Man game at D23 2017. Check it out below:

    These trailers were preceded by the huge E3 2017 showing of the game which gave us our first good look at what we can expect from the most high-profile Marvel game in years. 

    Finally, have a look at the debut trailer that got the world buzzing about what happens when a great developer like Insomniac works on one of the most beloved comic book characters ever. 

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    Kingdom Hearts 3 is still set for a 2018 release date.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 14, 2018

    The highly anticipated third installment in the main Kingdom Hearts series has been in development since at least 2012. First announced at E3 2013, it's been a long journey for this Disney-Final Fantasy mashup. There's some indication from Square Enix that Kingdom Hearts III will finally see the light of day in 2018, but only time will tell!

    Until then, Square Enix hasn't been shy about slowly revealing some of the incredible Disney inspired worlds included in the upcoming game. From Toy Story to Monsters Inc., Kingdom Hearts 3 looks to explore nearly every aspect of the Disney universe while delivering an incredibly compelling RPG in the tradition of previous Kingdom Hearts adventures. 

    Here's everything we know about the game:

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date 

    Kingdom Hearts 3 will reportedly be released sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

    The latest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer showcases what is being referred to as Classic Kingdom. However, reports indicate that the Game and Watch footage included in the trailer doesn't pertain to an entire kingdom, but rather a collection of classic minigames featured throughout the adventure. 

    There's a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and it introduces the world of Monsters Inc. to the series. Check it out below:

    Additionally, Disney showed off a trailer that confirms a world based on the Toy Story films will make an appearance sometime during Kingdom Hearts 3's campaign. Characters like Woody and Buzz will also make an appearance as party heroes during your time in this new world. 

    Here are the rest of the trailers that have been released:

    This next trailer teases Rapunzel’s tower from Tangled and what looks like the streets of New Orleans from The Princess and the Frog:

    Finally, here's the very first trailer from E3 2013:

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    Mega Man's next adventure looks to bring the blue bomber into the modern age.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 14, 2018

    Mega Man 11 seems to combine retro game design and slightly modern looks. It adopts a kind of cel-shaded visual style similar to what we saw in Mighty No. 9, but it's already clear that the game runs far smoother than that much-maligned project. It also does a better job of upgrading the spirit of the old Mega Man titles in terms of their aesthetics. That spirit is evident in this previously leaked concept art for Mega Man's new look. 

    So far as Mega Man 11's gameplay goes, Capcom indicated that they are aiming to recreate the classic gameplay of Mega Man titles gone by. While that certainly speaks to the basic gameplay of the series - run, jump, beat bosses, and upgrade your weapons - some fans no doubt hope that it also means the return of Mega Man's punishing style of gameplay. After all, Cuphead became a huge success in 2017 largely off the back of incredibly tough Mega Man-like gameplay (and, of course, that game's art style). 

    Here's everything we know about Mega Man 11:

    Mega Man 11 Trailer

    Capcom has confirmed that they are developing Mega Man 11 for the PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game is expected to be released in "late 2018." Until then, feel free to gawk at the game's debut trailer.

    Mega Man 11 Art

    Here's your first look at the concept art that inspired the blue bomber's design in Mega Man 11:

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    The Hunt: Showdown team continue to improve this evolving online shooter.

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 14, 2018

    We've been treated to quite a few great PvP and PvE games over the years, but Hunt: Showdown is one of the few titles we've seen that promises to offer a convincing blend of both styles. in Hunt: Showdown, players will be grouped into pairs and tasked with hunting down monsters across a variety of horror-themed maps. Finding the area's main monster and defeating the various threats that roam around each level will require teams to work together. However, only one squad can claim the bounty and win the day. 

    This combination of competitive and cooperative gameplay figures to make Hunt one of the more fascinating online multiplayer experiences on the horizon. Do you wait until another team has beaten the monster and try to take the now-powerful hunters out? Do you go it alone? Do you forge alliances you intend to break? Will you be able to survive the horror's of the night at all? These are the questions the game poses. 

    Here's everything we know about Hunt: Showdown...

    Hunt: Showdown News

    The latest video for Hunt: Showdownfocuses on the improvements the studio has made to the game's performance following the beta. Take a look:

    Hunt: Showdown Release Date

    Hunt: Showdown is now in Early Access for PC. You can get in on the action for $29.99 on Steam.

    No final release date has been set for the game.

    Hunt: Showdown Review

    While we don't have a final review of the game, Den of Geek did participate in the closed alpha and we have some thoughts. Read them here.

    Hunt: Showdown Trailer

    The official Steam trailer for Hunt: Showdown explains the game's basic concept in an effective preview that also manages to capture the title's horror elements. 

    Elsewhere, we learned that Hunt: Showdown will likely be in Early Access for at least a year while Crytek tweaks it in accordance with player feedback. There's no word on when that access period will begin - only a vague promise of "soon" was made - but Crtytek did state that they intend to offer the game at a lower price when it enters early access and then raise that price in accordance with the amount of content they add to the title during its Early Access period.

    We were shocked to learn that Crytek's Hunt was still in development following a trip through development hell and even more shocked to learn that Hunt: Showdown may just have been the most promising game featured at E3 2017. Describing Hunt is a challenging process, but the game's basic concept sees three teams of two compete against each other and a level full of enemies in order to claim a bounty on a boss monster. It's a fascinating mix of competitive and cooperative gameplay that really shines in this recently released full walkthrough of the game's E3 demo:

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    Can Nintendo deliver another classic Yoshi game?

    News Matthew Byrd
    May 14, 2018

    Th new Yoshi game is simply being referred to as Yoshi. The game is based on a fairly fascinating gimmick involving the depth of stages. Basically, Yoshi is able to move in-between and interact with background and foreground elements that would usually be considered static in many such platforming titles. There are numerous instances of this mechanic being utilized during the trailer, but some of the most fascinating examples of this dynamic mechanic involved Yoshi attacking enemies in the foreground and flipping a stage at will to reveal brand new paths that simply looked like background objects before. 

    It certainly doesn't hurt that the game's vibrant art style contributes to the storybook nature of the level design and the use of this flip mechanic. The Switch may not be a technical powerhouse, but games like this showcase why a bright color palette and creative design will sometimes best pure processing power.

    Indeed, Yoshi may very well be the game for Switch fans who still harbor a deep love for classic platformers. While Super Mario Odyssey promotes a more open-world take on the platformer genre, Yoshi looks like the kind of classic platforming experience that we might have dreamed of as kids if we could dream quite as big as game's clearly imaginative development team. 

    Here's everything we know about Yoshi for the Nintendo Switch: 

    Yoshi Switch Release Date

    Yoshi is due in 2018. The game is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.

    Yoshi Switch Trailer

    While not the most high-profile reveal of Nintendo's E3 2017 showcase, this trailer for an upcoming Nintendo Switch Yoshi game was certainly one of the most interesting previews of the show.

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    State of Decay 2 is almost here. Can it live up to the hype?

    News Den of Geek Staff
    May 14, 2018

    State of Decay caught quite a few gamers by surprise back in 2013. Few people had ever heard of the title prior to its release, and those that had probably didn't expect it to be the fairly unique take on open-world zombie apocalypse action that it was.

    While almost everyone that played State of Decay was caught off-guard by its quality, the sequel will likely not enjoy such an advantage. In order to replicate State of Decay's surprising success, developer Undead Labs is going to have to pull out all the stops for State of Decay 2. Fortunately, it sounds like that's exactly what they have in mind.

    Here's everything we know about State of Decay 2:

    State of Decay 2 Trailer

    State of Decay 2 was at PAX East this year to show off a new trailer for the game. Check out all the gruesome zombie action below:

    Here's the first trailer for State of Decay 2:

    State of Decay 2 Release Date

    State of Decay 2 is coming on May 22. The game will arrive for XBO and PC.

    State of Decay 2 Details

    Despite only costing $30, State of Decay 2 will not feature any microtransactions. 

    Jeff Strain, Undead Labs' studio head, confirmed to IGN that the studio doesn't plan to implement any microtransactions into the game. The studio didn't elaborate on that message, but we assume this only applies to in-game transactions and not any potential future DLC releases. 

    In a blog post on the State of Decay 2 website, Undead Labs outlined some of the ways it hopes to improve the original experience by expanding the size of the game's maps. Yes, that's maps as in more than one. According to this latest update, State of Decay 2 will launch with three separate maps that are all "roughly the size of the original."

    So what do Undead Labs plan to do with all that new space for activities? Well, the developer wants to make players feel like they are "moving from one small town to another" in order to create a greater sense of immersion in the overall world. The studio also hopes that this expanded overall game size will eliminate some of the repetitiveness of the original's late game by removing the constant need to engage in the same series of missions. 

    Undead Labs also alludes to future expansions by stating that, "the multiple map set up makes it easy to expand the world down the line, if you know what I mean."

    The developer also suggests that you'll be able to transfer your survivors and resources between maps but seem hesitant to confirm the specifics of this set-up at present. It will be interesting to see how this new set-up affects the story and progression structure of the original game. Will you be able to explore these areas from the start? Will each map feature unique resources and survivors?

    Of course, we'll have the answer to all of these questions when State of Decay 2 launches in just a few weeks.

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